RHE piping of the SG blowdown system: a. before upgrading at NvNPP-II 1; b. after upgrading in 2020 at NvNPP-II 1 and 2 (1 – supply of the medium being cooled from the SG into the RHE; 2 – supply of the cooled medium from the RHE to the blowdown aftercooler and further to SVO-5; 3 – supply of the purified coolant from SVO-5 to the RHE for heating; 4 – return of the purified and heated coolant from the RHE to the SG)

  Part of: Yaurov SV, Borovoy AV, Yudin AV, Bolgov MV, Danilov AD (2022) Computational and experimental justification for increasing the performance of the regenerative heat exchanger in the steam generator blowdown system of the AES-2006 project (RU V-392M). Nuclear Energy and Technology 8(4): 297-302. https://doi.org/10.3897/nucet.8.97652