Design and layout schemes for the options of the TRC design: a. The “TOPAZ” type; b. The “SAFE” type; c. The “ELBRUS” type; d. Design based on the steam chamber principle. Legends: 1 – reflector, 2 – reactor shell, 3 – fuel rods, 4 – TFE, 5 – heat pipe, 6 – high heat conductivity matrix, 7 – steam chamber, 8 honeycomb partition made of capillary porous material, 9 – block of collectors and commutation chambers.

  Part of: Alekseev PA, Lazarenko GE, Linnik VA, Pyshko AP (2022) The concept of a thermionic reactor-converter with evaporative heat transfer. Nuclear Energy and Technology 8(3): 179-185.