Deviations in calculated criticality values caused by the transition from the evaluated nuclear data library’s older version to the new one: 1) magnitude (? BNAB-93/? BNAB-RF –1) in percentage terms; 2) magnitude (? ENDF/B-V/? ENDF/B-VIII –1) in percentage terms. Regions shown by dashed lines: a) sodium cooled fast reactor; b) lead cooled fast reactor; c) fabrication of MOX fuel; d) waste disposal in sand; e) CNFC facilities.

  Part of: Andrianova ON, Golovko YuYe, Lomakov GB, Teplukhina YeS, Zherdev GM (2021) Calculation and experimental analysis of benchmark experiments with a fast neutron spectrum and models of sodium and lead cooled fast reactors using different evaluated nuclear data libraries. Nuclear Energy and Technology 7(2): 103-109.