Axial sections of the axisymmetric beam extraction unit for NCT: “best” version from (Kurachenko et al. 2017) to the left and modernized version to the right (MCNP5 (LA-UR-03-1987 2003) input visualization). The fragments of the removal unit with a collimation system are presented: a channel filled with a spectrum shifter (1, lead fluoride PbF2, also performs the function of a gamma filter); the channel is surrounded by the cone collimator (2, Pb, the main function is the slowing down and canalization of neutrons); zirconium hydride ZrH1.8 (3) in the collimating system is a light shielding; the borated polyethylene and Cd plate 1 mm thick (4) at the outlet of the channel are a thermal neutron filter.

  Part of: Onishchyuk EA, Kurachenk YuA, Matusevich ES (2020) High-power electron accelerator for the production of neutrons and radioisotopes. Nuclear Energy and Technology 6(1): 49-54.