Structural diagram of the installation for predicting the amount of hydrogen produced: 1. Filter to remove particles of electrodes; 2. Electrolytic cell with graphite electrodes; 3. Electrolyzer power supply system; 4. Peristaltic dosing pump; 5. Liquid resistor; 6. Electrolyte heat exchanger; 7. Diaphragm pump; 8. Flow divider; 9. Electrolyte drain tank; 10. Solenoid valve; 11. Tank with CuSO4 solution; 12. Connector; 13. Distilled water tank

  Part of: Starkov SO, Lavrenkov YN (2019) Application of spiking neural networks for modelling the process of high-temperature hydrogen production in systems with gas-cooled reactors. Nuclear Energy and Technology 5(2): 129-137.