Radial DEF for nanoparticles: a) – Au ϕ 30 nm, inside the beam; b) – Gd ϕ 30 nm, inside the beam; c) – Au ϕ 30 nm, outside the beam; d) – Au ϕ 2 nm, inside the beam. Figures near the curves indicate energies of primary photons in keV. Curves for 81 keV and 100°keV in Fig. c) practically coincide.

  Part of: Konobeev IA, Kurachenko YA, Sheino IN (2019) Impact of secondary particles on microdistribution of deposited dose in biological tissue in the presence of gold and gadolinium nanoparticles under photon beam irradiation. Nuclear Energy and Technology 5(2): 109-116. https://doi.org/10.3897/nucet.5.35798