Number of replaceable FAs (N) as a function of reactor campaign (Т, days) and fuel burnup (В, MW∙day/kgU) with the installed reactor thermal power (Q = 3200 MW), mass of fuel in each FA (МFA = 470 kgU), number of FAs in core (NCORE = 163), and maximum theoretical ICUF (Т/(Т + ΔТ)), where ΔТ = 32 days is the time of the reactor outage for refueling and repair. Calculation based on formula (1). Vertical dashed lines are the boundaries of the actual reactor operating times to refueling in 12- and 24-month cycles.

  Part of: Semenov EV, Kharitonov VV (2023) Analytical dependence of burnup on enrichment of prospective fuel and parameters of reactors fuel campaign. Nuclear Energy and Technology 9(4): 239-244.